Dear Student,

the Austrian Study Grant Authority is a service-oriented authority of the Republic of Austria that primarily deals with applications for study grants.

We therefore provide a high quality consulting in this area. For that very purpose you are welcome to visit our office to obtain further information.

If you do not have a sufficient command of the German language yourself, please visit our office with a person of your own trust who speaks German and your own language fluently.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

With best regards,
Your Study Grant Department

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The federal aid for students in Austria was introduced in the 60s as an accompanying measurement towards the opening of the universities to also make it possible for children from low-income families to start an academic career. Since 1992 the study financing has been more and more linked to the other (indirect) federal aid measures and the conditions of entitlement have been harmonised step by step.

The federal aid measures of Austrian study financing can systematically be divided into two sections: transfer payments, which students receive directly in cash (direct study financing), and expenses which the student benefits from either by transfer payments to the students’ parents or non-cash benefits (indirect study financing).

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